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How to Keep Deep Wave Hair From Frizzing

If you’re wondering how to keep deep wave hair from frizz, there are a few tips you can use to prevent the curls from wilting. To prevent your deep wave curls from looking wilted and brittle, keep your hands away from it. The wrong touch can cause frizz and ruin your hair’s natural gloss. You can use a silk pillowcase or wrap to protect your curls.

Always wash your deep wave hair after a shower, to remove excess oils and products. Deep wave hair is best washed in a downward motion, so you don’t saturate it in a foaming shampoo. When washing your deep wave hair, use mild water and apply a pre-conditioning treatment to your tresses. It will take less time to dry. If you’re unsure of how to keep deep wave hair from frizzing, consult a professional.

Wet your wig completely before applying deep wave hair oils and moisturizer. Before styling, you need to use a wavy conditioner to condition your deep wave hair. After this, you can apply hair oil or a hair moisturizer to each section of your wig. After that, let it dry for a few hours. If you want your deep wave hair to stay in place for an extended amount of time, you can also use a wig stand to protect it.

Avoid using towels made of rough cotton. These towels absorb too much moisture, and moisture is key for healthy curls. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or a 100 percent cotton t-shirt. Never wring your hair dry. It can cause frizz, so avoid this at all costs. For added protection, use microfiber towels and avoid towel dryers. A dime-sized hair serum will seal in moisture and repel humidity.

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